Conformity - Declarative Schema for Python

Release: 1.28.2

Conformity is a declarative schema validation library designed for use in libraries, services, application settings, and more.

In just a few lines of code, you can define and validate a schema:

>>> person_schema = fields.Dictionary(
            'name': fields.UnicodeString(),
            'height': fields.Float(gt=0),
            'age': fields.Nullable(fields.Integer(gte=0)),
            'eye_color': fields.Constant('blue', 'brown', 'black', 'green', 'yellow', 'hazel'),
        optional_keys=('eye_color', ),
>>> person_schema.errors({})
[Error(message='Missing key: name', code='MISSING', pointer='name'),
 Error(message='Missing key: height', code='MISSING', pointer='height'),
 Error(message='Missing key: age', code='MISSING', pointer='age')]
>>> person_schema.errors({'name': 'Scott', 'height': -2.0, 'age': 25})
[Error(message='Value not > 0', code='INVALID', pointer='height')]
>>> person_schema.errors({'name': 'Scott', 'height': 1.9, 'age': 25, 'eye_color': 'purple'})
[Error(message='Value is not one of: "black", "blue", "brown", "green", "hazel", "yellow"', code='UNKNOWN', pointer='eye_color')]
>>> person_schema.errors({'name': 'Scott', 'height': 1.9, 'age': 25, 'eye_color': 'brown'})
>>> @validator.validate_call(fields.Dictionary({'person': person_schema}), returns=fields.Boolean())
    def insert_person(person):
        return True
>>> insert_person(person={})
ValidationError: Invalid keyword arguments:
  - Missing key: name
  - person.height: Missing key: height
  - person.age: Missing key: age
>>> insert_person(person={'name': 'Scott', 'height': 1.9, 'age': 25, 'eye_color': 'purple'})
ValidationError: Invalid keyword arguments:
  - person.eye_color: Value is not one of: "black", "blue", "brown", "green", "hazel", "yellow"
>>> insert_person(person={'name': 'Scott', 'height': 1.9, 'age': 25, 'eye_color': 'brown'})

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